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Color Consultation

Color ConsultationOne of the most exciting aspects of painting your Maui home is the use of color. Color cannot only dramatically change your home environment but is also one of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve it. Color can infuse your home with life, calm and relax you or rejuvenate your spirit. Color is personal. It can make a bold statement or it can be subdued and mellow. Color seems to intimidate many people. So RZ Painting and Restoration, a Maui Painting Contractor, is now offering professional color consultation for your painting project. Whether it's a powder room or master bedroom suite; the foyer or the dining room, a professional color consultation can really pull it all together with the right color combinations.

Having Trouble Picking Colors?

swatches for painting wallsIf you’re not quite sure of which color to choose, we recommend the use of sample boards. For the cost of the sample paint, will be happy to make up sample boards for you to see a larger image of the paint colors you’ve chosen. This often gives our customers the peace of mind that they have made the right color choices, or re-adjust them if need be.

Professional Color Consultations

Are you feeling discouraged? RZ Painting & Restoration has partnered with some of the best color consultants and interior designers in the Maui area.

Online Color Resources

paint quality instituteThe Paint Quality Institute offers an interactive tool that enables you to select colors and see the finished paint job before you even begin. Use This Color Tool.

sherwin color toolSherwin Williams offers coordinated color schemes inspire and saturate your paint color palette. This color tool is perfect for homeowners, wanting to find the perfect color, for their perfect room. Use This Color Tool

If you are looking for color consultant services on Maui then please call us today at 808-264-2110 or complete our online quote form.